Technology: Solving TCPA Compliance Regulations

What’s the biggest question in the collections world today: “How can I maintain my call volume while remaining TCPA compliant?” The answer: Innovative compliant calling technology that addresses every TCPA regulatory issue. The biggest issue: predictive dialing.

There are always options to address any regulatory challenge and of course, the most effective option is the one that solves it without interrupting business processes or affecting operating costs. Today, there are only a select few companies that can make that happen even as the landscape of calling technology providers are more diverse than ever before. While the industry attempts to resolve TCPA through process changes, additional human cost, and changes to phone number inventory management, working alongside state-of-the-art software companies like CallEvo can simplify the need for changes saving time and money.

Mobile number management, list scrubbing, and the separation of mobile and home phone numbers has become a part of calling strategy, yet the opportunity for collection companies to take advantage of TCPA calling platforms has never been so important – or easy. With the right software in place, TCPA compliancy can be solved at the source of the regulation – predictive dialing. Key tasks like managing mobile numbers can be eliminated simply by replacing the predictive dialing system with a platform that eliminates the capacity to make automated calls and enforces human initiation on every call addressing the risk of a TCPA complaint. Or more, a multi-million-dollar violation.

Only a few software companies have the architecture and ability to integrate within agency business processes and combat potential TCPA violations. It’s a matter of doing the homework, examining the law, and embracing advanced calling technology.

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